FLASH – It’s more than just ‘marking’!

Teachers are drowning in unnecessary piles of ‘marking’ and I used to be one of them. With FLASH you do not need to spend hours writing comments and grading work to make an impact. FLASH is more than just ‘marking’- it’s about curriculum design, developing metacognition and creating self-regulated learners.

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‘During a recent booklook, we discovered that the consistency of both our marking and pupil response is better than it has ever been and we have significantly closed in-department variation.’
‘Our students across key stages now take ownership of their own work and improvement processes.’
‘Pupils are able to effectively articulate their areas of weakness as well as their strengths.’
‘We have seen a significant reduction in the amount of time we spend ‘marking’ books, assessments and mock exams.’



FLASH Marking trial – EEF

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