FLASH Marking is a school-developed approach in which teachers give skills-based feedback rather than grades in KS4 English.All of the skills required to access the top band of GCSE English and English Literature performance have been translated into short codes that teachers use when marking work. These codes are also used in lessons to teach the skills and by students to make peer- and self-marking faster, focused and more useful.

Students use the codes to understand the skills they are good at and those they need to improve, and teachers track strengths and weaknesses across their classes, which helps them to tailor lessons towards the skills that students are finding difficult. Subject leads can also see which teachers are good and less good at developing certain skills, meaning that peer support and CPD can be appropriately directed at the teacher level.

The trial aims to test whether the removal of grades and a focus on subject specific skills improves the quality of feedback to students and ultimately increases their metacognitive skills. if this approach speeds up the marking and feedback process.

The codes enable students to see their strengths and weaknesses and work simultaneously.

The trial will start from September 2018 with a focus on year 10 students studying English and English Literature.  The trial will run for two years.