Staff Comments


I already love how quickly we are able to give feedback to students and how quickly I am able to adapt my planning to address their needs.


Flash could be revolutionary: no longer shall teacher comments such as “You require more depth” be written (what does that even mean?!), when the student can, instead diagnose exactly what they need to address and remedy.


Staff have quickly seen how focused the approach makes the lessons and students, and how quick the marking itself is.


We love the idea of portable skills between literature and language.


Students are much more aware of and able to control and articulate the way they think about their own work and skills development.


FLASH has really sparked some fantastic discussions in the team and sharpened our focus across the board.


We’ve established a shared language between staff and students.


Narrowing down the AOs into specific skill areas has allowed more effective planning.


Students’ responses to feedback is now to a much higher standard and they are taking more ownership and pride in their reflection time.


Being a part of the FLASH project has pushed us forward departmentally with training our students to be metacognitive. We have an understanding and route-map to facilitating self-regulated learning.


Thanks for a great day. A very exciting new way of moving forward and aiding students.  Top class delivery – Sarah and Leon struck the balance between imparting knowledge in a professional, didactic manner whilst still being very approachable, encouraging comments, questions and dialogue.


I’d just like to thank Sarah and Leon for all their efforts; in 20+ years, this training has had more impact on my teaching than any other!