What can we offer?

Using FLASH in English lessons

Our 3 day training programme delivered over an academic cycle is an evidence based approach that will enable your English team to lead school improvement by embedding 4 core ingredients.

  1. Reduce workload – The FLASH approach is guaranteed to reduce the amount of time spent ‘marking’ books and allows staff to invest precious time to create a more dynamic and personalised approach to maximise potential in their students.
  2. Design a curriculum model suitable for their school context – FLASH will unlock your staff’s potential to effectively sequence a learning journey for their students that builds confidence and secures knowledge.
  3. Create meaningful assessments that focus on learning – FLASH will establish a shared language between staff and students. This will enable your students to become competent with peer and self-assessment and allow your staff to design assessments that develop evaluative learners and shape future lessons.
  4. Develop student metacognition and self-regulated learners – Give your students the tools to regulate their learning and build on successes and identify ways to improve in the future.

Using FLASH in other subjects

How can the key elements of FLASH be used in other subjects? Our team can guide your subject leaders to unlock the potential of their curriculum that responds to the needs of your students.

Bespoke tracking and analysis spreadsheets for my department

Our team can design bespoke analysis tools for any subject/school to give you the key information to monitor and respond to the needs of your students.

Developing student metacognition

In the current climate creating students that are proactive and self-regulated learners has never been greater. This programme will put metacognition at the centre of your school development.

Research lead training

What is your school data telling you? Can you make a change? How can you implement change effectively? How will you you know if this change is effective? This programme can help your staff navigate the design, implementation and evaluation of a new initiative.