Who are we?

Sarah Cunliffe

Sarah has dedicated her career to developing effective teaching and learning in English. Through her roles as curriculum leader and Specialist Leader of Education she has supported schools with developing effective pedagogy and curriculum design. She created FLASH marking as a response to the workload pressures faced by English teachers throughout the country. Recently, she has worked with the EEF to develop a national trial into researching effective feedback strategies into KS4 English.  She has also contributed the FLASH Marking logical model to the EEF ‘Implementation Guide’.


Leon Walker

Leon has experience of educational leadership at school, regional and national level. He specialises in school improvement, curriculum design and assessment. He is a creative thinker committed to developing an evidence based system for school improvement.

Leon has experience as Deputy Headteacher and Director of Research at one of the EEF’s Research Schools and has contributed to national consultations addressing workload, effective assessment and pupil premium funding.

Leon appeared in the EEF review of marking, ‘A marked improvement’, and co-developed the recent national trial into feedback and marking in English, FLASH Marking. His logic model was used as an exemplar in the implementation guidance report now used extensively by system leaders across the country.