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FLASH training session 1 – Getting started with FLASH

Training session 1 - Contents

Active ingredients of FLASH

What are the active ingredients of FLASH and how should you implement them in your classroom.


What are the codes designed to do? How can you ensure that these codes become a common language in your classroom?

The FLASH teacher cycle

Using the teacher cycle we will show you how to plan and deliver effective lessons to ensure that all your student can:

  • Self-assess their own work
  • Peer assess the work of a fellow student
  • Suggest targets for improvement.

By effectively using the cycle your students will be developing their metacognitive skills and the ‘marking’ of your assessments will be quicker allowing you to adapt your future lessons to the needs of your class.

Choose how to receive the training

All courses cover the same content but use different forms of delivery. 

The choice is yours.

Onsite Training

£ 550
  • Email us to organise an onsite visit to deliver this training.


£ 400
  • Up to 15 members of staff can join a zoom session from your school / trust.